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Best Restaurants & Top Cuisines To Try In Fujairah Concorde Hotel Fujairah

Best Restaurants & Top Cuisines To Try In Fujairah, UAE

UAE is well-known for its diverse culinary landscape. It offers a perfect blend of traditional Emirati, Arabic, and international cuisines, making it a favourite destination for food enthusiasts from all over the world. Each Emirate in the UAE is unique. Some are famous for their serene beaches, while some boast of glimmering skyscrapers, whereas iconic architecture sets others apart. Natural beauty and exceptional cuisines make Fujairah stand out from the rest of the Emirates. Its seaside position makes Fujiarah a favourite spot for seafood lovers. Local markets to top five star hotel in Fujairah, offer a wide variety of traditional and international dishes. Let’s have a look at some of the best dishes and restaurants to try in Fujairah.

Traditional Emirati Dishes To Try In Fujairah

Are you planning a trip to UAE? Never miss their authentic cuisines. Traditional Emirati cuisines have close connections to the nomadic Bedouins, who have historically inhabited the desert regions of the country.  Emirati cuisines are a reflection of their climate, culture and resources. The main characteristic of this cuisine is the use of spices and how they are infused into the dishes. Their aromatic dishes are flavoured with various herbs and spices like thyme, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, coriander, and turmeric. Grains, meat, dairy, dates, roasted nuts, and dried limes are extensively used in traditional recipes. Every hotel in fujairah features both traditional and modern cuisines.

1. Khuzi: Khuzi is also known as ghuzi. It is considered as the national dish of the United Arab Emirates. It is a filling and delicious meal that consists of roasted lamb or mutton served on top of a bed of rice and topped with vegetables and nuts. If you are a food lover, you should definitely try this on your visit to Fujairah.

2. Balaleat: Balaleat (also spelt balaleet) is a traditional food served as a breakfast. It is a sweet-and-salty recipe made from vermicelli noodles. It can also be eaten as a dessert. When used as a dessert, cooked vermicelli noodles are sweetened with sugar, cardamom, turmeric, and saffron-infused rose water. When used as a breakfast, it is served with omelette or scrambled eggs. The dish is often topped with pistachios to make it more delicious. For a comfortable stay, consider the hotel apartments on Sheikh Zayed Road. Balaleat is available at every 5 star hotel in fujairah. You can also try it from street food vendors or local restaurants.

3. Machboos: Machboos or Kabsa is a traditional rice and meat dish, both cooked together in the same pot. Once the rice is cooked, the meat is added to the same pot together with some fried potatoes, tomatoes, chopped onions, and other vegetables. It is then cooked over low heat for a few hours to give it more flavour and a delicate texture.

4. Fattoush: Fattoush is a traditional vegan Emirati dish. It is a salad prepared with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce,  onion, mint leaves, lemon, garlic, olive oil and Levantine bread. 5 star hotels in fujairah often serve this salad as a starter to any meal.

5. Khobz Al Khameer:  It is a yeasted flatbread served as a breakfast dish. It has a unique texture and flavour with a slightly crispy exterior and a soft, airy interior. It is cooked with ghee or egg wash and topped with sesame   

6. Harees: It is typically a slow-cooked porridge made of wheat. Wheat and salt are boiled to a porridge-like consistency and chunks of lamb, chicken, or mutton are added. It is usually garnished with cinnamon, salt or pepper to add more flavour. It is very popular during Ramadan. Most of the top five star hotels in Fujairah serve Harees garnished as per guest requirements

7. Luqaimat: If you are eager to try an Emirati dessert then start with Luqaimat. They are deep-fried crunchy dumplings flavoured with spices like cardamom and saffron. These crunchy balls are soaked in honey or date syrup. It is a popular street food in UAE which is both salt and sweet.

8. Rigag: Rigag is a traditional Emirati flatbread, served mainly as breakfast. It can also be eaten with stews like tharid. It can be made with only three ingredients namely water, flour and salt. When served alone, it is often topped with eggs, honey or cheese.

9. Shakshuka: Shakshuka is a tomato-based staple breakfast dish. Eggs are added to the cooked tomato base. It is garnished with basil leaves and za’atar before serving.

10. Samak Mashwi: It is one of the delicious seafood dishes you can try in the UAE.   Especially in Fujairah which is located along the coastline. Samak Mashwi is a traditional Emirati grilled fish dish. It is a must-try seafood dish served in most of the restaurants and 5 star hotels in fujairah.

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Best Restaurants In Fujairah

You can experience a fusion of traditional Emirati and international cuisines at Fujairah. If you are planning to visit, Book a five star hotel in Fujairah that offers diverse dining options. For instance, the Concorde Hotel Fujairah is a good place to try Emirati cuisine.  If you wish to try traditional Emirati cuisines exclusively, then consider the following restaurants.

1.Emirates Sea Restaurant:  It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the Fujairah area. Located on Corniche Street, it serves chicken, mutton and delicious seafood recipes. Apart from traditional Emirati seafood cuisines, you can also enjoy continental dishes too.

2. Belleview Restaurant: You can enjoy a memorable culinary experience at Belleview Restaurant located in Concorde Hotel Fujairah. It offers traditional Emirati dishes as well as international cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and a lot more. Experienced chefs at Concorde Hotel Fujairah, have won many awards including gold medals at the East Coast Culinary and Cocktail Competition. The Calm atmosphere and friendly staff make this 5 star hotel in Fujairah popular among travellers.

3. Green Valley Restaurant Fujairah: This restaurant in Fujairah offers both outdoor and indoor seating. Apart from traditional cuisines, their top dishes include the delicious seafood soup, Noodles and Pizza.

4. Kabab Al Bastakiah: Dine-in and takeaway options are available at Kabab Al Bastakiah Fujairah. Their lamp kebabs, salads and mixed grill platters are very popular.

5. Sadaf: Sadaf restaurant is located opposite to Corniche roundabout in Fujairah city. It serves authentic flavours of Emirati cuisine. Their Iranian dishes are also very popular.

Concluding Thoughts

Even though traditional Emirati dishes dominate Fujairah’s cuisine, its location makes it an ideal destination to try some of the best seafood dishes in the UAE. Restaurants, street vendors, local shops and 5 star hotels in Fujairah offer a mix of culinary traditions, providing versatile dining options to residents and tourists alike. If you are planning to book five star hotel in fujairah, explore Fujairah & never hesitate to ask about the food menu available at their restaurant. Top 5 star hotels in Fujairah, like the Concorde Hotel offer traditional cuisines and unforgettable dining experiences to its guests.

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